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Flyer Flex and Pull Class

This class will focus on flexibility, strength, and stretching improving flyer technique and abilities.  As well as proper body positions.   The class will include flexibility workouts/stretches that will be centered on flying positions.  Flyers will also work on pulling positions on the ground.  Flyers climb, jump, balance and twist when they are stunting. Learning proper technique contributes a great deal to the success of a stunt as a flyer. 

In this class flyers will not only learn skills but additional abilities that will enhance their success as a flyer.

  • Confidence 
  • Trust 
  • Stay Tighting
  • Use your arms/Holding your own weight
  • Balance 
  • Timing  
  • To be fearless 
  • Eye Contact 
  • most importantly, as a flyer, how to fly safe!!!!!!

This class will also include working on the below skills when needed.

  • Load ins
  • Dismounts
  • Transitions
  • Combination of skills
  • Tosses
  • Co-Ed Stunting
  • Stunt Building